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5 Benefits of Utex Frac Valves

Today’s frac pumps work longer, withstand higher pressure and move larger volumes of abrasive fluid than ever before. To successfully operate a pump more than eight hours a day, you need frac valves and seats that can withstand the long hours and harsh conditions of the well service industry.

Utex frac pump parts are designed using cutting-edge technology and materials to last longer and perform better under increasingly demanding conditions. Our groundbreaking frac valves and seats add value and longevity to any pumping system, offering:

1. Superior materials

Utex frac valves are made from a proprietary X-Tended Life Urethane (XLU) that outclasses any other product on the market. Its unique composition increases resistance to abrasion and chemicals. With a proven track record for enduring high-rate, high-pressure and highly abrasive applications, XLU lasts longer in the field than any of our competitors’ compounds.

2. Airtight construction

All metal components in our frac valves and seats undergo a pre-treatment process that ensures a 100% urethane-to-metal bond that helps prevent premature frac pump failure. No more leakage. No more urethane separation during use. With less metal erosion and volume loss, our frac pump parts add value to any pumping operation.

3. Extended life

Already designed for superior longevity, Utex frac valves and seats last even longer when paired together. Each component’s geometric profile and sealing surface has been optimized for use with its Utex mate. Why risk compromising your frac valve with a poorly designed seat made from inferior materials?

4. Easier installation

Despite their advanced technology and design, Utex frac valves and seats remain compatible with industry standards and work in all common pumps. A user-friendly groove on the top plate makes installation easier—and we even offer accessory tools to make installation as hassle-free as possible.

5. Customizable

Need custom-designed frac pump parts? We have a broad range of valves and seats sizes to meet your company’s fracing needs. We’re able to design and machine highly engineered urethane molds to fit almost any custom application. For a more detailed list of parts or for customizable parts call a well service sales representative today.

With enhanced performance and longevity, Utex frac valves and seats helps lower the total cost of ownership and improve the readiness of any hydraulic fracturing fleet.

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