Engineering Support

See what our engineers can do for you.

Utex provides engineering support services for customers requiring custom designs and sealing solutions. Teams of experienced Engineers and Technicians provide engineered concepts for even the most difficult sealing applications industries encounter.

The ability to manage research on-site means results are studied faster and Utex can respond to market needs with the agility necessary to be an industry leader.


Utex engineers work closely with our customers to understand their problems and bring years of experience to the table when designing a solution.

We work with many of the industry’s leading innovators and can shed light on different scenarios to help your application.

FEA TECHNOLOGY: Using computerized performance predictive software, we can determine the best materials and design features to optimize the performance of our custom-engineered solutions.

FLOW ANALYSIS: Engineer works to gather information using certain value points on a design concept to help prove the design validity.

Research & Development

Utex employs a dedicated R&D manufacturing group to expedite design development and rapid prototypes for testing.

The Utex Engineering group works with our customers to find the best solution for them.

Rapid Prototyping: For more than 80 years, Utex has worked with our clients to identify unmet needs and innovate products to fill those market gaps.

Engineering Expertise: Our engineers have the expertise that comes with years spent working in or with nearly every applicable industry.


Utex manufacturing locations have specialized testing equipment and processes that vary depending on the overall product produced at each plant.

The Utex Engineering group works with the various sites to facilitate the different tests that are requested or required by our customers.

Think of Utex engineers as an extension of your operations. We’re ready to help right now.