RCD Seals

Rotating Control Device (RCD) Sealing Elements

The RCD tool is found in a closed loop oil & gas drilling system where it works to contain and divert fluids as well as enable wellbore pressure management. It diverts mud and cuttings away from the drill floor. Both Land and Subsea environments can use an RCD. The sealing element within the assembly rotates with the drill pipe to maintain a tight seal and contains returning fluids in the annulus as the drill pipe passes through the RCD. The use of a RCD can help with environmental concerns, safety benefits and reduction of nonproductive time.

Utex’ s premium quality polyurethane and combined high-performance elastomers engineered for high- and low-pressure drilling applications will surpass anything in the field.  Utex also offers elastomers and polyurethanes for High Temperature applications ideally suited for your RCD tool and custom molded to your price point.

Utex engineers can also assist in design, specify materials, and manufacturing of specialty RCD elements that meet and exceed tough applications to lower maintenance costs.  All elements are manufactured and tested in the USA and Utex is ISO 9001 Certified.   Utex can custom mold to order or offer turn-key solutions to eliminate your manufacturing costs.

Rubber Element
Urethane Element

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