Urethane Molding


Utex offers our cast polyurethane as an alternative to rubber, plastic, or metal, depending on the application. Urethanes offer superior abrasion resistance and resiliency compared to other materials, making them a great choice for many applications.

Another reason for using polyurethane is the broad range of available shapes and sizes. This material can be poured into inexpensive molds in a wide range of sizes. We can pour pieces up to 20 feet long, depending on the configuration.

Engineering Precision and Flexibility

The engineering team at Utex can take an abstract request and work with the customer to provide a tailored product. If an application requires a high precision solution, fitting an existing production part may not work.

The exact part can be molded with tolerances specific to your required operating conditions and constraints. From simple ID/OD rings to complex geometric profiles, Utex has been interpreting customer ideas to create cost effective molds for over 80 years. Utex can draw on experienced senior designers and the fresh eyes of newly trained engineers to easily find the best solution.

Your Parts, From Paper to Product

Utex has VTL lathes, CNC machines, and wire EDM as well as a full complement of designers available to create and construct molds. Your design can be designed and made in house, reducing lead time from paper to product. Additionally, Utex facilities have the QC structure in place to ensure parts meet specification and nothing slips through the cracks before leaving our plant.

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