Casing Seals

Utex Casing Seal (UCS) and Other Wellhead Seals

Utex has worked with many service companies to customize seals to fit their gland dimensions.  We don’t want to be standard; we go above and beyond to help ease our customers’ strife.  We know UCS, S-seals, D-seals and P-seals are all critical for the integrity of the well because gas, fluid and pressure will all find the path of least resistance, i.e. a cut, crack, scratch, void, blister, etc. We have over 600 rubber compounds we can use to help seal your application.

UCS Seal

UCS Seals are made of rubber with two springs to act as energizers on the ID of the seal. The UCS seal has an ID blip. Utex can customize these seals to fit your needs from as small as a 2” to as large as our press capacity of 84” platen size.

S-Seal SV

S-Seals are similar to the UCS seal as they are made of rubber and have 2 springs that act as energizers, but these springs are found on the OD of the seal.  The S-seal has an OD blip. Utex can incorporate RGD resistant materials that can also account for High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) conditions.

P-Seal SV

P-Seals can be made of rubber, fabric, or a combination of the two. The ID of the seals usually consist of a backup material, wire mesh, plastic, or metal. Plastic injectable packing is used on the OD of the seal to help seal the rough and/or irregular sized casing.


D-seals are homogenous rubber bidirectional seals that are a bit more robust than a simple homogenous O-ring.  Utex manufactures D-seals out of Nitriles all the way to FFKMs.

If you need help determining what seal is right for you, reach out and we can help with your solution.