Intense heat. Extreme pressures. Long operating hours. In heavy industry, margins for error are slim.

When the smallest component can make or break your profits, you need custom sealing solutions that help squeeze every last bit of life from your equipment.

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Well Service Catalog

Products that last. Innovation that keeps on going. Our well service catalog includes complete specs and other information on Utex well service packing, Core-X® Plungers, XLU Valves and Seats, Utex Fluid Ends, Core-X® Suction Manifolds, and Well Service Tools.


Find information about our well services and custom product capabilities. Utex engineers have spent decades honing our equipment and processes to offer the industry’s best products with the fastest turnaround time. Find the solution you need today!

Product Bulletins

Innovation is our engine. At Utex, we are continually finding ways to improve our products. Find updates and upgrades to our product lines, maintenance recommendations, and other product information.

Case Studies

We have 80 years of experience serving oil and gas and a myriad of other industries. If you’re facing a challenge, chances are we’ve faced something similar before. Find information about how we have helped other clients overcome the challenges they face.