Flowline and Diverter Packers

Subsea conditions can be extreme with the corrosive salt water to the movement of the ocean, there are always additional factors to include. Utex products have proven to help extend the life of these subsea systems. Our specialized rubber formulas and rubber bonding expertise has helped excel the life of our customers’ subsea diverter equipment.

Diverter packers and flowline seals can be found on subsea oilfield platforms within the diverter system. The diverter system mostly controls the direction of drilling fluid from the wellhead to the surface platform. If shallow gas were to cause an issue, the diverter packer would expand to seal around the drill pipe causing the gas to divert and keeping the platform safe from issues.

Diverter packers

Diverter Packers

Diverter packers are between 10” ID in diameter all the way to 42” ID.  They vary from solid, split or split and hinged.   

Flowline seal

Flowline Seals

Flowline seals are located within the same diverter system under the area where the diverter packer is found. The flowline seals operate in the upper and lower position of the diverter to prevent flowing mud from escaping between the diverter and the housing.  

Flowline seals range from small diameter 19”, 27” 37” to larger 49” 60” and 72” in size.  All ranging between 4.5” and 5”.


Utex can work with you to help qualify your Diverter Packer and Flowline seals for API standards. Ask how!