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Polymers used in the oil and gas industry endure some of the most brutal conditions on the planet. Climates range from sweltering desert to arctic freeze—and that’s not even the worst part. High-performance polymers face their biggest challenge inside, within the wells and machinery. From pipelines to seals, engineers rely on polymers for their ability to hold up under duress. Designed to withstand high temperatures and tremendous pressure, many of these compounds can take an incredible beating. But even high-performance polymers aren’t immune to a chemical reaction. To prevent premature failure, it’s crucial to understand the chemical compatibilities of polymers before selecting the right one for your application.


High-performance polymers are engineered to retain their mechanical properties and insulating abilities even as they age. When they fail, it’s often because of environmental factors such as chemical exposure. Since each application requires a specific type of performance under certain conditions, each polymer is engineered with different chemical resistances. A material’s weakness depends on its molecular makeup. There are three main types of industrial polymers: Plastic, Rubber, and Urethane. Each type of polymer has its own characteristic modes of degradation as well as heat, light and chemical resistance. When selecting an application-specific plastic, urethane or rubber, chemical compatibility should always remain top of mind.


Intense heat. Extreme pressures. Long operating hours. In the oil and gas industry, margins for error are slim. When the smallest component can make or break your profits, you need custom sealing solutions that help squeeze every last bit of life from your equipment. Utex has been a leading innovator of oil and gas sealing solutions since 1940. We engineer high-performance components that do more than just seal—they endure grueling conditions to enhance the performance and extend the life of fluid ends. From standard profiles to custom designs, Utex pushes the limits of precision machining and chemical formulation to deliver sealing solutions for oil and gas that minimize costs while meeting the industry’s most extreme demands.


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