Material Development

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At Utex, we strive to assist in the improvement of every industry in which we work. When our customers experience a challenge to which there is no standard solution, we work to create one. Whether that means improving the design of an existing element or innovating entirely new materials, our dedication to research and development saves our customers time and money — and provides an unmistakable competitive advantage.

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Custom-compounded rubbers

From formulation to field testing, Utex develops solutions with the most current, and also, time-tested materials in the industry. Utex mixes a huge variety of rubber compounds on-site, spanning over 600 active formulations. We also custom-compound other elastomers such as silicone, and polyurethane and are able to tailor nearly every aspect of the finished material such as durometer, temperature handling, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, modulus, tensile strength, and many other properties.

Speed and reliability

Our tremendous rubber compounding capabilities, state of the art urethane continuous mixers, high-flow computerized equipment and full-service machine shop help us avoid defects and ensure on-time delivery. With a full array of hot presses, injection molders, and extruders we are able to deliver these products in nearly every final form imaginable.

Largest array of materials and designs

Utex’s revolutionary high-pressure, high-temperature spring-energized seal designs and polymer components have the largest array of materials and designs in the industry. We understand material performance and where it is best suited, thus we have found it to be most beneficial to our customers to tailor our products to their requirements.

Thermoplastics and reinforcements

Aside from our elastomeric materials we also are highly experienced in the incorporation of various reinforcement fabrics to massively increase the durability of many of our rubber products. Our plastics facilities injection mold parts from high-temperature plastics that are found in some of the most demanding applications in the field.

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