In hostile and corrosive environments, plastics keep performing long after conventional materials would be destroyed.

Utex develops moldable thermoplastic polymers with a broad range of thermal and mechanical properties for the toughest applications, including applications in the medical, aerospace, and petrochemical industries.

Compression and Injection Mold Billets

We have the in-house capabilities to compression mold billets of PTFE and injection mold billets of PEEK. We start with the raw materials we receive from our vendors and then press the billets. Having these billets readily available on the shelf cuts down on our lead time to machine the final products. PEEK and PTFE are our main materials, but we can procure rods of other materials for machining as well. Let us know if we can help you with your thermoplastic needs.

Custom-Designed Springs

Utex can wind our own springs using an on-site spring winder. This allows Utex to custom design springs or prototype quickly to the customer’s exact dimensions without being at the mercy of outside vendor lead times. Utex uses three different types of spring: Cantilever, Helical, and Offset Coil. Since these seals rely on system pressure to actuate, the purpose of the spring is to create a positive seal in the absence of pressure.

Polymer Component Benefits:

Lightweight Strength

Metal may be strong, but it comes at a heavy cost. For jobs that require strength without the extra weight, PEEK features incredible strength-to-weight ratios.

Low Friction

When an application calls for minimal friction, thermoplastic polymers are often the answer. PTFE, for example, is ideal for low-friction jobs like sealing about a low torque shaft.

High Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Corrosion is often a problem in demanding environments such as the oil and gas industry. Plastics can be engineered to withstand harsh chemical environments while operating under high temperatures and extreme pressure.

Enhanced Properties

When their inherent performance characteristics aren’t enough, thermoplastic polymers can be enhanced with a variety of fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, and molybdenum disulfide.


Plastics deliver exceptional wear under harsh conditions, extending the operating life and providing an affordable alternative to conventional materials.

Precision Machining

Thermoplastic polymers are highly susceptible to lathe cutting and milling. Our state-of-the-art machining produces exacting replication of critical dimensions, allowing us to meet even the most precise specifications.

Every thermoplastic sealing project starts with a conversation. We're ready when you are.