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Utex provides engineering services for customers requiring custom designs and solutions.  Teams of experienced Engineers and Technicians provide engineered concepts for even the most difficult sealing applications industries encounter.  Experience, computer modeling, including non-linear finite element analysis, and access to a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques gives Utex an advantage.  On site, test centers are available for pressure testing including environmental chambers.

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Plastic Product Design

In hostile and corrosive environments, plastics can keep performing long after conventional materials would be destroyed. With lower friction and greater chemical compatibility than most metal alloys—not to mention a larger temperature range than standard elastomers—thermoplastic polymers can be engineered to excel under even the most punishing conditions. Utex develops moldable thermoplastic polymers with a broad range of thermal and mechanical properties for some of the toughest applications, including the medical, aerospace, and petrochemical industries. Each of our highly engineered polymer components is carefully compounded and processed to possess the properties needed for the job at hand, allowing for optimum sealing performance in a wide variety of sealing environments.

Plastic Design Capabilities
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Rubber Product Design

Some applications require high-precision solutions. When existing production parts aren’t up to the job, Utex can design custom molded rubber products that exactly match your needs. With the ability to design and fabricate highly engineered molds to fit almost any application, our engineering team can transform an abstract request into a finished product tailored to your specifications. For the past 70 years, we’ve been collaborating closely with our customers to interpret their ideas into a broad range of cost-effective rubber molding solutions—from simple I.D./O.D. rings to complex geometric profiles. Our custom rubber molding process has produced more than 5,000 unique parts that are now used in industries such as oilfield, petrochemical, medical, pulp and paper, and ammunition facilities.

Rubber Design Capabilities

Spring Energized Seals Design

When critical applications demand exceptional sealing capabilities, our high-performance spring-energized seals offer reliability and durability even under extreme operating conditions. Designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, our revolutionary spring-energized design uses springs to ensure an even load throughout the seal’s circumference while leveraging system pressure to create a leak-proof seal. Utex engineers have developed the largest array of materials and spring designs in the industry, offering greater chemical compatibility, a temperature range from cryogenic to +650°F, and the ability to handle pressures from extreme vacuum up to 30,000 psi.

Spring Seal Solutions
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Utex enjoys a dedicated R & D manufacturing group to expedite design development. Molds, tools, and dies are made rapidly to shorten development timelines. Stocked shapes are available in many of Utex compounds and can be machined into product form, eliminating the lead-time required to build molds. The Utex Engineering group works with its customers to find the best solution for them.

Our Prototyping Process

Research and Development

Utex has an ever-expanding portfolio of testing and research support to assist in product development. Material scientists advise on component selections. Utex R&D facilities can conduct real-world tests as well as computer-generated FEA analysis. The ability to manage research on-site means results studied faster and Utex can respond to market needs with the agility necessary to be an industry leader.

Utex's R&D
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Material Recommendation & Development

Utex can compound a wide variety of rubbers on-site including 600 active formulas. This capability allows faster response times to orders and another layer of confidentiality in the creation of new products. On-site compounding means, Utex can develop a rubber solution with the newest materials from formula to field-testing. In addition, our state of the art urethane mixers, high flow computerized equipment, and full-service machine shop help us avoid defects and ensure on-time delivery. Lastly, our High Pressure / High-Temperature revolutionary Spring Energized Seal designs and polymer components have the largest array of materials and spring designs in the industry.

Compound Development