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Rubber Product Design

Some applications require high-precision solutions. When existing production parts aren’t up to the job, Utex can design custom molded rubber products that exactly match your needs. With the ability to design and fabricate highly engineered molds to fit almost any application, our engineering team can transform an abstract request into a finished product tailored to your specifications.

For the past 80 years, we’ve been collaborating closely with our customers to interpret their ideas into a broad range of cost-effective rubber molding solutions—from simple I.D./O.D. rings to complex geometric profiles. Our custom rubber molding process has produced more than 5,000 unique parts that are now used in industries such as oilfield, petrochemical, medical, pulp, and paper facilities.


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5 Steps for Custom Rubber Molding.

  1. Concept.

    Utex has partnered with hundreds of customers over our 80-year history to conceptualize and model new and existing technology. Combining the knowledge of our engineering, materials, and manufacturing teams, Utex can create a solution for whatever problem you are facing.

  2. Formulate.

    Utex has over 600 proprietary compounds to choose from for your application. Our in house formulating, mixing, and molding capabilities reduce the number of companies required for your project, and guarantee that your material is properly managed.

  3. Prototype.

    Want to prove your concept before producing on a mass scale? No problem! Utex offers a rapid prototype division to quickly and efficiently produce prototype parts for testing and evaluation.

  4. Construct.

    Utex offers all manners of part construction, including: • Cast molded and foamed urethane • Compression, injection and transfer molding • Machining of rubber, thermoplastics, and metal • Bonding rubber and/or thermoplastics to metal or other substrates • Spring installation and fabrication

  5. Produce.

    No matter what volume you need, Utex has an efficient method to produce the quantity you need. Through our in house mold design and machining teams, we can ensure your product is made of the highest quality to meet you and your customer’s demand.

Our Proof.

Rapid Development BOP During the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Utex was tasked with rapidly developing a blowout preventer to deploy on the severed pipe. From commissioning to shipment, Utex was able to produce a part from scratch in three weeks, a task that normally takes two months.

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