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Custom Energy Products

At Utex, we want to assist in the improvement of any industry we can. To that end, we try to fill the necessity vacuums that exit. We are a custom molding and sealing company. When our customers demonstrate a need for a product that is not on the market, we try to fill that need whether that is a more robust material or a better-designed rubber element. Utex, at our core, is a custom manufacturer of highly engineered specialty sealing solutions. For 80 years we have created thousands of sealing solutions and even now we have products available for a number of industries. We are continuously developing new materials where we think our knowledge and lead times can benefit the field. This is why we have developed injectable high durometer rubbers and bondable FFKM rubbers. We look to develop materials that can immediately impact production. Learn more about our custom engineering.

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Regardless of which stage of the completion process you’re in, Utex has a solution for you. Utex partners with our customers to stay at the forefront of completion tool technology. We strive to help optimize tool performance and prepare the well for production in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Utilizing our in house engineering, compounding, R&D, machining, and testing capabilities, Utex offers a one-stop resource for all completion tool components. Just a few examples of products Utex offers solutions for include: Top/bottom plugs, Float valves, Wiper darts, Wireline/slickline seals, Packers, Frac plugs, Sliding sleeve seal assemblies.

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Pressure Control

Utex offers a full range of wellhead and flow control components to satisfy all of your operational needs. With 80 years of experience in pressure control equipment, Utex can help you achieve a safer and more efficient operation. Our high-performance materials and proven engineered designs are customized for your specific needs to ensure your equipment exceeds API 6A industry standards. From existing products to new technology, we offer innovative solutions for all wellhead and tree valves, actuators, BOPs, casing heads, and other pressure control equipment for whatever operational application is needed. Utex will help reduce your overall cost of ownership, minimize risk, improve safety, and optimize performance, for all of your wellhead and Christmas tree pressure control needs.

Pressure Control Solutions


Utex provides engineering services for customers requiring custom designs and solutions. Teams of experienced Engineers and Technicians provide engineered concepts for even the most difficult sealing applications industries encounter. Experience, computer modeling, including non-linear finite element analysis, and access to a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques gives Utex and advantage. On-site, test centers are available for pressure testing including environmental chambers.

Engineering Capabilities
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Utex offers a wide variety of components for both surface drilling equipment and downhole tools. Our proprietary materials and processes allow us to solve unique drilling difficulties where others fall short. Utex excels at creating custom solutions for our customers as we continue to push the limits of technology and material capability. Partnering with Utex will help you optimize your drilling operation, and help you reach TD sooner and more efficiently than your competition. Our extensive experience has allowed us to create solutions for: Washpipe packing, Mud pumps, Shock absorption, Directional drilling tools, LWD/MWD tools, Centralizers, HPHT environments, Chemically severe environments, and High wear resistance.

Drilling Solutions


Today’s operating conditions are more extreme than ever before, demanding increasingly innovative solutions. Utex has been creating solutions for our industrial clients for 80 years. With our engineering expertise and experience across industrial applications, Utex provides our clients with fast, reliable solutions they can count on.

Industrial Capabilities
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