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Well Services

Well Services encompasses many aspects of an oil or gas well drilling and production. Utex is proud to be a one-stop-shop for this industry with the ability to offer training, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of fluid ends, fluid end expendables and tools. With 80 years of experience, Utex is able to teach field personnel how to properly service and maintain fluid ends to extend the life and maximum performance in high-pressure pump applications.

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Well Service Consumables

Our complete line of best-in-class consumables are made 100% in the USA. Our in-house design, manufacturing and field teams work together tirelessly to produce and improve every aspect of the suite.

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LargeBore Frac Systems

Introducing the Utex LargeBore Frac System™. Gain maximum efficiency through our LargeBore Quick Connect™ Technology. Rig up and rig down in hours instead of days. Extend product life with the lasting performance of the larger bore size which helps reduce erosion. Experience enhanced flexibility and ease of use since the Swivel Technology easily accommodates multiple rig scenarios.

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Iron & Inspection Services

Utex specializes in providing complete rebuild and inspection services to keep your flow iron, high-pressure manifolds, pump bridles and frac trailers performing at maximum levels. Our service centers are strategically located to satisfy customers in the continental United States. These service centers inventory a wide variety of new products and repair and replacement parts, including pup joints, integral fittings, swivel joints and plug valves, so we can quickly respond to any customer request.

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Utex provides superior welding and fabrication services for the oil and gas industry. We employ some of the best trained and highly skilled ASME code certified welders and fabricators to meet or exceed the industry’s high standards of quality and excellence. Our capabilities include: High-Pressure Manifold Trailer Manufacturing, Vibration Dampening Coiled-cable Spring Suspension for High-Pressure Iron Manifolds and Triplex and Quintaplex Pump Exiting Bridals, Refurbishment and Retrofitting of Existing Manifold, Trailers, Skid Mounted Flow Back Manifolds, Skid Mounted Plug Catchers, Trailer Mounted Plug Catchers, Low-Pressure Ground Manifolds, Swivel Joint Racks, Pump Joint Racks, Custom Fabrication.

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Additional Well Service Products

Utex has vast experience serving the oil and natural gas industries. Our engineering expertise and commitment to innovation results in products that exceed industry standards in quality, longevity, and safety.

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