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Well Service Consumables

Utex industries is known for innovation and product performance. Our complete line of best-in-class consumables are made 100% in the USA. Our in-house design, manufacturing and field teams work together tirelessly to produce and improve every aspect of the suite. The result is the best return on your investment, longer lasting parts, and extended maintenance cycles. Designed for EVERY Pump, in any environment, and available in every Basin.

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Super Gold Packing CoreX Pump Plungers Frac Pump Valves & Seats

Super Gold Packing

Super Gold Packing – Our ability to design & manufacture engineer the best seals & components has given us a reputation as innovators in worldwide markets. SuperGold packing is the gold standard in saving time and money by extending service life of your pumps and reducing maintenance cycles since 2007. XLH® - Extended life Header ring is the patented industry standard for optimized performance in the toughest environments.

Super Gold Specs
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CoreX Pump Plungers

Our high-performance plungers are designed to exceed industry standards while delivering robust cost savings over OEM. Available in Tungsten and Nickel chrome and in high volume, our specialty process ensures form and fit with precision machine and 100% inspection guaranteed. Our automated spray and fuse processes provide added consistency and quality that combined with our SuperGold(TM) Packing has proven to outperform all other solutions.

CoreX Specs

Frac Pump Valves & Seats

Your highest replacement parts demands proven performance. Our XLU series of valves and seats are proven to increase performance life by over 37% in our most recent field trials. Our new X-TENDED LIFE series extends your replacement cycles by incorporating our newest proven urethane technology and geometry profiles that safeguards against cracking or tearing under load. Our fabric wrapped D-seals last up to 3 times longer than OEM standard HBNR nitrile components. They are easy to install and will stop the leaking on your frac pad with reliable sealing technology. Developed to resist stress and wear, these anti-extrusion wear parts go the distance. Call UTEX for a Technical review.

Frac Pump Part Specs
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