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At Utex, we want to assist in the improvement of any industry we can. To that end, we will fill whatever necessity vacuums we can. We are a custom molding and sealing company, and when our customers demonstrate a need for a product that is not on the market, we try to fill that need whether that is a more robust material or a better-designed rubber element.

Utex, at our core, is a custom manufacturer of highly engineered specialty sealing solutions. Over our eighty years, we have created hundreds of sealing solutions and have products available for a number of industries. We are continuously developing new materials where we think our knowledge and lead times can benefit the field. This is why we have developed injectable high durometer rubbers and bondable FFKM rubbers. We look to develop materials that can immediately impact production.

Harsh conditions require exquisitely engineered solutions. In the demanding world of frac pumps, downtime loses money at an astounding rate. Utex’s fabric-wrapped D-seals do not nibble or tear like similar homogenous seals. While the rubber is flexing and sealing, the fabric protects the sealing face from wear. The seal lasts three times longer, allowing crews to go longer between changes. These are products that were needed, but no one could develop a solution quite like Utex. But we don’t stop with a quality, custom-engineered product. UTEX provides local product support, training and consultation services to help keep our customers up and running 24/7. Call us today!

We specialize in custom sealing solutions.

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